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Knowledge. Understanding. Performance.

"I've been getting lessons from Blake for some time now and have seen noticeable improvements in my game, along with a better understanding of my golf swing."




Blake's approach to coaching is to apply a solid foundation of technique, performance and on-course skills. By applying a scientific approach and utilising the latest measurement tools he provides students with a clear understanding of why changes are necessary in the golf swing. This is the next level of coaching.


The pursuit of knowledge is what separates Blake from his competitors. He continually studies leaders in the industry and the most innovative coaching methods. Blake has been teaching for over 2 years and in that time has helped a number of clients improve their game and lower their handicap.


Looking to improve your game or better your understanding of various techniques? Check out Blake's blog for the latest tips and tricks which are guaranteed to give you a greater understanding of golf. Here Blake will also debunk some of the myths that have become common in the golfers' language.

Golf Tuition 

Golf Apps 

Below are the apps that I use to coach my clientele. These apps allow me to stay in contact and give you the blueprint to your success in golf.

Coach Now

Coach now is an app that allows me to stay connected to my clients. Sending swings and messages to recap what was discussed during the teaching session.



Is the statistic program that I trust and use for my clients. Keeping stats and planning your practice is the key to finding out where the work needs to be done. 

Gift Vocuhers

Give the gift of better golf! 

Single Lesson

Elevate your golf game with personalized golf lessons, led by Blake Dowd who will analyze your swing, provide valuable feedback, and guide you towards improved technique, consistency, and confidence, unlocking your true potential on the course

Lesson Package

Accelerate your progress and maximize your golfing potential with our comprehensive golf lesson package, combining personalized instruction, practice drills, and video analysis to fine-tune your skills, enhance your strategy, and build a strong foundation, ensuring lasting improvement and a rewarding golfing experience

Junior lesson

Unlock the potential of young golfers with our exciting junior lessons,  focusing on building a solid foundation of golf fundamentals, developing proper technique, and fostering a lifelong passion for the sport, empowering young players to thrive on the course and beyond.

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