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Stuart Tibben

I've been getting lessons from Blake for some time now and have seen noticeable improvements in my game, along with a better understanding of the golf swing. I'd highly recommend getting a lesson/lessons with Blake if you want to hit it better on the course. 11/10

Joshua Clarke

Since working with Blake my contact has improved and wedge game is now the strongest part of my game. Highly recommend Blake as he is very knowledgeable about the mechanics of the golf swing.

Nicklas Karaitiana

Having a lesson where data and statistics is used not only reinforces what Blake is changing in my swing but gives feed back via the data as well.. Also having the ability to explain, demonstrate and discuss the feeling required to feel the change. Friendly approachable and always willing to help.. 10/10

Reggie Papps

I’ve been seeing Blake Dowd for quite a while now. I’ve have made immense progress with not only my golf swing but all aspects of my game and the understanding of the golf swing. I would highly recommend Blake to any and all golfers no matter the ability. The passion and dedication he has to the game and his students is unmatched. 10/10

Wendy Palmer

Anyone looking to improve there swing do yourself a favor and contact Blake.

Chris Hall

Really nice guy. Technical knowledge was on another level. Definitely worth a visit if you want to improve your golf.

Amy Gorman

Blake Dowd Golf is not just for experience players but also people starting out. I was lucky to hit 3 out of 10 balls and if I did hit them they were pretty terrible shoots. Now 4 months later I am pretty much hitting every single shoot and with decent contact, slowly hitting it further and further. If you want to put in the work to improve, Blake’s the person to talk to!

Mason Gounder

Definitely 10/10. Only been 2-3 weeks and already made major improvements in my game. Fully recommend seeing Blake.

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