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Coach now is the app I use to communicate to my students to give them feedback during an after the lesson.

During the lesson I upload each swing taken with notes so that the student can re-visit them in the future so that they have reference to what needs improving.

At the end of the session we do a lesson recap to give you the important information in regards to your progress that was discussed. Information is quickly forgotten—roughly 56 percent in one hour, 66 percent after a day, and 75 percent after six days. So having the videos stored to reflect on in the future is invaluable.

Follow up swings can be sent in the app to improve on what we worked on in the last session and to see if you are making the correct progress.

Coach now is a cloud based app, this makes your phone storage not get affected by the hundreds of swings that you will take in the future on your phone.

Online coaching is also available using the coach now app.

If you are a current or future student and aren't in the app yet, please send me an email on

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The towel drill is a great way for you to perfect your contact with irons.

Simply place the towel a few inches behind the ball and then miss the towel and hit the ball then ground.

To make the drill harder move the towel closer. This is the number one drill to start to hit your irons pure.

Give it a try!

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The Kwon Board. This training aid is designed to help you with your centre of pressure during the golf swing.

To begin you need to start with your lead foot pushing the board into the ground. Then the first move is to tap the trail foot on the ground before you swing. Swing your arms and turn to make your back swing.

When your arm is parallel to the ground in the back swing you then press the board back down on the lead side foot as the club is getting to the top. Swing down and strike the ball and stand up as tall as you can.

Materials is just a piece of plywood about a metre long and some inch by inch plywood.

Give a try.

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